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For Companies/Organizations/Institutions



One on One


Coaching for groups of runners

Talks on getting healthier

Open Q&A on how to get started, how to get better at running

Talk to inspire employees to do better goal setting and following through

General consultation on the running industry in India in particular or fitness industry in particular

Write on running related topics incl. book reviews

End to End design and management of fitness programmes (incl. running)

Services: Services


Coaching for runners

Coaching for people for weight loss

Coaching for general well being incl. some exercise, improvement in diet

Consultative discussion on improving health in general and fitness in particular

Recommendations on what to do in case of injury or specific issues with running or fitness incl which specialist to consult

Recommendations on what to read in the area of fitness in general and running in particular

Customized Training plan for specific distances/events

Services: Services
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