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The real turning point in my life as a long-distance runner happened in 2015 when I joined Dharmendra (“D”) as his Coachee. D’s approach to every trainee was very bespoke and that gave me the exclusive space and comfort no matter where I was in my running trajectory. That said, D’s constant training routines constructed by him week after week helped me the stay the course. D’s ability to understand my limitations as well as the upper limits always held me on challenging and yet one-
can-go-for levels.

Running for the long-haul involves nutrition, physical fitness, strength training, accessories, remaining injury-free and remedies for any injuries or pains. D is an encyclopaedia  on each of these and he is also a compendium of where one should go for sports-physiotherapy, or any injuries or anything that may need a specialist.

The proof my success with D as a coach is evidenced in my ability to start serious running at the age of 57, run a dozen Half Marathons so far and reduce the timing by 30 minutes from the first to the last one, and under 2 hours. What is more, I have run injury free and remain confident of being able to make running an integral part of my life for a long long time.


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