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Answers to Your Questions

How does this work

You can use the contact form on the home page to get in touch with me about your needs.
Alternatively I will get in touch with you when you fill up one of my questionnaires.

What do you charge for your services?

As the famous consulting response goes - It depends...on what you need.

My work with companies is paid for by the companies as per my contract with them.

For individual coaching (running, weight loss, fitness) assignments, I have a range of fees - which varies based on the level of engagement (training plan, revisions, 1:1 chat, diet discussions, gear selection, race selection, etc). As of 2023, it is ~ INR 16,000/USD 200 for a basic 4 month engagement for new trainees for a 10K/half marathon.

If you are interested in a one-off discussion, you will pay me based on the time I think it will take to answer your query. Once you send me the query via the contact form, I will get in touch with you as per the details you fill in the form.

What are some things you have coached people for?

These are a few examples of what people have trained with me for
- building endurance to deliver a Bharatanatyam performance for 90 minutes at the age of 40+
- Racing the Planet, multi-day ultra with almost a marathon every day
- ultramarathons
- 5km, 10 km, half marathon, full marathons around the world
- World Marathon Majors (WMMs) as the Boston, Berlin, Chicago, London, New York & Tokyo Marathons are known collectively
- qualifying for the Boston Marathon (or a BQ as it is known in running circles)
- running a 5K under 30 minutes/35 minutes/40 minutes or whatever was the norm they had to meet to be eligible to start on a trek organized by or similar groups
- getting into the best shape of their lives
- losing weight so that they can look good in their wedding pics or some such life event :)

My question isn't listed here? What do I do?

That's exactly why I have a contact form on the home page. Please write to or submit your query using that contact form and I will get back to you

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