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I was 46 years, 80 kg with a fat percentage of 18-19% when I enrolled with D on his nutrition program. I had been Diabetic for 10 years and my HbA1C was around 8. I was probably his first or second client for this program. I was very confident going in as I have always known him to be very data driven and research oriented.

After about 12 weeks I was delighted when I hit 71 kg a weight loss of almost 9 kg. I have since maintained it thereabouts. My fat percentage had dropped to  about 13%.

The unexpected side benefit of this was my medication for diabetes was reduced by almost 75% as my HbA1C reading was about 6.2-6.3 and my cholesterol reading too had gotten way better

The great thing about his meal plans are:
 they are very balanced and comprise of our normal daily ingredients  and not one of those fashionable and unsustainable fads. Each plan is tailor made for each client after careful analysis. 

I then enrolled into his Strength and Conditioning program to improve my musculature. At 51 years, I am probably as fit as I ever have been. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is serious about their goals.

And the great thing about D is that he is not your typical commercial coach. He truly cares for his clients and their well being. He still responds to my queries even years after our professional engagement ended.


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