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About Me

My name is Dharmendra. I am a management consultant, freelance writer and running coach based out of Bangalore, India.

I have been running for around 22 years, and coaching for around 12 years, as of 2023.

In Jan 2011, I ran the Mumbai Marathon in 4:05:20. In May 2011, I ran the Avenue of the Giants Marathon in 3:09:46. In the 14 weeks between those 2 events while on a sabbatical, my life changed under the guidance of an amazing coach, who helped me qualify for the Boston Marathon. I had so much fun on that journey, that I decided to quit my job and get involved with running full-time. I have coached a few hundred people since and continue to have fun doing so.

I am an occasional quizzer and love filter

coffee. If you want to know more, you could read my book, "Boston D Party"

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